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"Sincerity and a lack of tricksiness reminiscent of Dawn Upshaw" Phil Johnson, The Independent

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John Turville-piano Brigitte Beraha-voice Bobby Wellins-tenor sax (on 1,12)

Track listing:

  1. Dindi
  2. My One and Only Love
  3. Les Feuilles Mortes
  4. Beatriz
  5. This Heart of Mine
  6. Elephants on Wheels
  7. Desafinado
  8. It Might as Well be Spring
  9. Night Game
  10. Moon and Sand
  11. They Can't Take That Away From Me
  12. A Time For Love

Recorded at ArteSuono Studio, Italy

Red Skies: released 18th February 2013, e17Jazz

Red skies cover music page


Alimentation: released 9/12/16 on Two Rivers Rec.

Brigitte Beraha-voice Tori Freestone-saxes/ flute Jez Franks-guitar John Turville-piano Dave Manington-double bass George Hart-drums

Track listing:

  1. Ultimate Big Cheese
  2. Mourning Porridge
  3. The Anchor Song
  4. Tilt
  5. Avocado Deficit
  6. Her Words, Like Butterflies
  7. Universal Four
  8. Solstice
  9. Unspoken

Recorded at Curtis Schwartz Studios

Artwork by Fini Bearman


Chasing Rainbows: released 27/04/2015, Moletone
Chasing Rainbows cover for music page

Brigitte Beraha-voice Barry Green-piano Chris Laurence-double bass Paul Clarvis-percussion

Track listing:

  1. You, Me & the Rest of the World
  2. Michelangelo Antonioni
  3. Your Turn to Ask
  4. Barry's Confusion
  5. Sushi Hero
  6. Chris' Confusion
  7. Nuit Blanche
  8. Paul's Confusion
  9. Heart, We Will Forget Him / I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
  10. Brigitte's Confusion
  11. Salley Gardens
  12. A Story Ends
  13. Knocked Knees
  14. Stubble Rash
  15. Unspoken
  16. Confusion

Recorded at The Bunker Studio, Welwyn



Babelfish: released 17th July 2012 on Moletone
Babelfish cover









Flying Dreams: released September 2008 on F-ire
Flying DReams cover


Brigitte Beraha-voice Barry Green-piano Chris Laurence-double bass Paul Clarvis-percussion

Track listing:

  1. Catch Me The Moon
  2. The Stream in the Valley
  3. Krk Bats
  4. Poem For F
  5. Fatchi Chuna
  6. Sometime
  7. Popular Mechanics
  8. Falando De Amor
  9. The Apple Tree
  10. Babel Fish
  11. It May Not Always Be So

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London

Brigitte Beraha-voice Joe Auckland-trumpet/flugel Ivo Neame-piano Phil Donkin-double bass and George Hart-drums

Track listing:

  1. So Simple
  2. Deja Vu, In a Dream
  3. Moving On
  4. One Moment
  5. Camaleon
  6. Sunlight on Your Face
  7. May Chill
  8. Danse Avec Moi
  9. Shadows
  10. Feeling High
  11. Still There

Recorded at Livingston Studios, London

Geoff Eales: Transience
Transience Music Page









Brigitte Beraha-voice Barry Green-piano Phil Donkin-double bass George Hart-drums Ingrid Laubrock-sax (1,4,5,8) Anita Wardell-voice (10)

Track listing:

  1. Got No Blues
  2. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
  3. In Love in Vain
  4. Retrato Em Branco E Preto
  5. Prelude To A Kiss
  6. Love For Sale
  7. Lucky to Be Me
  8. Sunlight on Your Face
  9. Over The Rainbow
  10. It Could Happen To You
  11. Twisted
  12. I Loves You Porgy

Recorded at The Premises Studios, London


Prelude to A Kiss: released January 2005 on FMR
Prelude to A Kiss









Released 21st Jan 2013 on Loop Records

Dave Manington- bass/composition, Ivo Neame-piano, Rob Updegraff-guitar, Tom Challenger-sax, Brigitte Beraha-voice, Tim Giles-drums. Recorded at the Fish Factory.

  1. Agile
  2. Hullabaloo
  3. Lingering at the Gravy
  4. Catch Me the Moon
  5. Water Torture
  6. Pedro Bernardo
  7. You Can't Eat Crisps to That
  8. Not a Worthless Thing



John Turville Trio: Midas
Midas cover
Dave Manington's Riff Raff
Riff Raff Cover








Ivo Neame Trio: Swirls &...
Ivo Neame cover
Reuben Fowler Big Band



Released 13th June 2012 on Saysorecords

Rick Simpson-piano, George Crowley-sax, Dave Manington-double bass, Jon Scott-drums, Brigitte Beraha-voice (on 9)

  1. Day of the Trippetts
  2. Semi Wogan
  3. Pole Folder
  4. Things Fall Apart
  5. Attack of the Tehranchulla!!
  6. Chairman Meow
  7. Sunk Without a Trace
  8. Dog Eat Dogger
  9. Almost

Released 11th January 2010 on F-ire

John Turville-piano, Chris Hill-double bass, Ben Reynolds-drums, Brigitte Beraha (on 4,5,10)

  1. First Flight
  2. All or Nothing at All
  3. Hand Maid
  4. Midas
  5. Fruit Tree
  6. Waltz for Bill Evans
  7. All Around Us
  8. Crossfade
  9. Albaicin
  10. Solitude



Released 24th Sept 2012 on Ooh-Err Record

Andy Hague-trumpet/flugel, Ben Waghorn-saxes, Jim Bloomfield-piano, Will Harris-double bass, Mark Whitlam-drums. Brigitte Beraha-voice (4,10) & Jake McMurchie-sax

  1. Drip Drop
  2. Darkness
  3. The Boss
  4. Tranquil Moment
  5. Cross My Palm
  6. For Kenny Dorham
  7. Green Leaf
  8. Hands Up
  9. Lost and Found
  10. Tranquil Moment Radio Edit




Thomas Baines: Return
Thomas baines cover
Other Appearances






Released 8th July 2013 on Edition Records

Reuben Fowler-trumpet, flugel, compositions

Featuring a stellar line-up including Percy Persglove, Sam Mayne, Kieran McLeod, Callum Au, Alex Munk, Matt Robinson, Tom McCredie, Dave Hamblett. Special guests Tom Harrell, Stan Sulzmann,Jim Hart, conducted by Guy Barker. Brigitte Beraha appears on track 07.

1- Too Minor 2- Introduction to Holness 3- Holness 4- Dundry 5- Between Shadows Parts 1/2 6- The Lost 7-The Lost and the Found 8- Ending



Released on Swerve Recordings in 2009

Thomas Baines-voice/guitars/bass/piano/ keys/drums, Brigitte Beraha- voice/piano
Dorry Macaulay- violin

  1. 1-Space Invader
    2-Outside In
    5-Kicking Up a Storm
    7-Million Miles
    9-Running Circles



Released 29th Oct 2007 on Loop Records

IIvo Neame-piano, Phil Donkin-double bass, George Hart-drums, Brigitte Beraha-voice (on 4)

  1. Elves' Dance
  2. Constant Change
  3. Beatrice
  4. Still There
  5. Colour Study
  6. Swirls & Eddies
  7. Miyako
  8. Scarred Landscape














Andre Canniere
Andre cover music page








Released 1st April 2016 on Fuzzy Moon Records

Geoff Eales-piano, Noel Langley-trumpet/ flugel, Brigitte Beraha-voice, Chris Laurence-double bass & Martin France-drums

  1. Sleep Eternal
  2. Life Dance
  3. Atonement
  4. Translucence
  5. We All Must Change
  6. Quirk of Fate
  7. Gently into the Night
  8. The Dark Glass
  9. If Only
  10. Nocturne
  11. Remembering Kenny
  12. Celestial


Released on 14th October 2016 on Whirlwind Records

Andre Canniere- trumpet, Tori Freestone- sax, Brigitte Beraha-voice, Ivo Neame-keys/ accordeon, Michale Janisch-double bass, Ted Poor-drums

  1. Autumn Day
  2. Going Blind
  3. Bluebird
  4. Splash
  5. Area of Pause
  6. Concession
  7. Hug the Dark
  8. Evening
  9. Lament
  10. Sunflower









Rick Simpson
Rick Simpson cover for music page




Andy Hague
Andy Hague music page