In 2018

September to December:

LJO the music of Kenny Wheeler
Babelfish UK Tour Lancaster Jazz, Jazz North East, Ashburton, North Devon Jazz Club, St Ives Jazz Club, Flute & Tankard, Sounscellar, Parrjazz, Jazz Aberdeen, Wakefield, Stables, Birmingham Jazz + masterclass at the conservatoire, Derby Jazz, Herts Jazz, ST George's Bristol, Vortex Jazz Club, 3rd album recording!
Purcell Room with Yazz Ahmed
Andre Canniere Birmingham Conservatoire, The Bear Jazz Club Luton, Vortex Jazz Club, and new album recording!
Frank Harrison @ The Fleece
Eddie Parker's Debussy Mirrored Ensemble in York & St Georges,Bristol, Purcel Room & BBC Radio 3 broadcast (Ljf)
With Ethan Iverson @ Kings Place, LJF- Raising Hell with Henry Purcell,featuring Olie Brice, Mandhira de Saram, Cath Roberts, Kim Macari, Dee Byrne
With Chris Dowding's Alati @ Betsy Trotwood, LJF
Karamel Club with Tristan Mailliot & Loiremusic crew

May to August:

Frank Harrison Hollywel Rooms, Oxford, Kings PLace album launch, London, Hermon Chapel Oswestry, Cadogan Hall
With Tori Freestone & Alcyona Mick @ St Ives Jazz Club & Ashburton
Dave Manington Riff Raff Birmingham Jazz, Vortex Album launch, Lescar, Poole,
Andre Canniere Ashburton, St Ives Jazz Club, Appledore, Kingston,
Babelfish @ Karamel Club, Cleethorpes Jazz Fest, Manchester Jazz Fest
Eddie Parker's Debussy Mirrored Ensemble @ Cheltenham Festival
Guildhall Summer School
Loire Summer School, France

January to April:

Andre Canniere @ Cambridge Modern Jazz Club
Toby Boalch Quartet @ Birmingham Jazz & Jazzlines
George Double Quartet featuring Chris Ingham in Felixtowe
Jazz in London Latin Night with John Turville, St Martin's Lane
CLJazz @ Huntstile & Caer Llan
Pizza Express Jazz Club with Tori Freestone & Alcyona Mick & album launch @ Vortex Jazz Club
Karamel Club with Alcyona Mick, Stuart Hall & Paul Clarvis
Hampstead Lounge & Jazz Club with John-Paul Muir trio
Dave Manington Riff Raff @ The Nursery Finale
Riff Raff @ Leeds College of Music
Issie Barratt Interchange at St George's, Bristol, Gateshead Jazz Festival & Calstock Arts, Guildhall Jazz Festival, Cheltenham Jazz

In 2017

September to December:

With Geoff Eales & George Crowley @ The Norwich Playhouse
Issie Barratt Interchange @ Scarborough Jazz Festival
With George Crowley, Dave Green & Paul Clarvis @ Karamel Club, London
Toby Boalch Quartet @ Jazzlines, Birmingham
LJO @ Vortex Jazz Club
With Chris Ingham @ Bury St Edmunds Jazz Club
Issie Barratt's Inetrchange @ Jazz in the Round
Solstice @ Coventry Jazz
With John Turville 'Red Skies' @ Cambridge Jazz Festival, Hot Numbers
Ed Jones Album launch @ the Vortex Jazz Club
RWCMD Christmas concert with students, Nia Lynn & Tina May

May to August:

Solstice Tour @ The Stables, Bonnington Theatre, Colchester Arts Centre, Derby, Broomhill, Bridport Art Centre, Calstock Arts, Ashburton, St Ives, Leicester Jazz,
With Huw Warren, John Parricelli, Steve Watts & Martin France @ Vortex Jazz Club
Andre Canniere the Darkening Blue in Hemmel Hampstead
Special performance with John Turville interpreting the music from Les Parapluies de Cherbourg before the Screening
E17 Large Ensemble
GSMD Summer School
Andre Canniere the Darkening Blue at Manchester Jazz Festival
Loire Summer School, France
Gilad Atzmon Summer School & Concerts, Germany

January to April:

Dave Manington's Riff Raff tour Sheffield, Bradford, Zeffirelli's, Seven Arts, Birmingham, Vortex, Derby, The Crypt London, Ashburton, St Ives, Restormel Arts, Calstockn Arts
Babelfish @ Birmingham Jazz
Chris Ingham in Bury St Edmunds
Guys Hospital with Barry Green & Miguel Gorodi
Solstice @ RWCMD masterclass & concert
Concert in memory of Basil Kirchin @ Hull City of Culture with Will Gregory & BBC Concert Orchestra featuring Evan Parker, Eddie Parker & many more
Riff Raff recording
Toby Boalch Quartet @ The Spotted Dog
Solstice @ The Bull's Head, Cambridge Jazz, Birmingham Jazz & masterclass at Birmnigham conservatoire,the Fleece
CLJazz @ Caer Llan
E17Jazz @ The Bull's Head
Workshop for Winchester Festival

In 2016

September to December:

Yazz Ahmed's Alhaan Al Siduri @ Jazz at Foyles, London
Naomi Wright band at theGreen Note, London
Andre Canniere 'Darkening Blue' album launch @ Pizza Express Jazz Club, Dean Street,London
Andre Canniere 'Darkening Blue' UK tour in Birmingham,Cardiff, Wavendon, Liverppol, Sheffield, Poole, Ram Jam, Bristol,Bradford
Yazz Ahmed's Alhaan Al Siduri in Bahrain
Solstice 'Alimentation' album launch @ The Vortex Jazz Club, London
Christmas Concert @ RWCMD with students, Nia Lynn & Tina May
LJO @ Vortex Jazz Club.
E17Large Ensemble @ E17Jazz, London

May to August:

@Mosaic Rooms,London, with Yazz Ahmed
Babelfish @ E17Jazz, London
Naomi Wright Band @ The Green Note, London
Babelfish @ Karamel Club, London
Geoff Eales @ Jazz in the Round, London
Solstice @ Karamel Club, London
Ed Jones recording, London
Nardis Jazz Club with George Crowley,Ferit Odman, Kajan Yildiz, Istanbul
With Frank Harrison's new duo project, Oxford
House Concert with Frank Harrison's new project, London
E17 Large Ensemble @ e17Jazz, London
Solstice @ Manchester Jazz Festival
Loire Summer School, France
Saarwellingen Summer School, Germany
Falmouth Yamaha Jazz Summer School
Ronnie Scotts with Renato D'Aiello Quartet

January to April:

Andre Canniere @ The Vortex Jazz Club, London
Solstice @ e17Jazz, London
Shrewsbury Jazz Network with John Turville & George Crowley, Shrewsbury
Babelfish @ The Vortex Jazz Club, London

In 2015

September to December:

Bracknell Jazz
LJO @ The Vortex Jazz Club
Upstairs @ Ronnie Scott's with Renato D'Aiello
Moss Freed new project @ The Vortex Jazz Club with George Crowley, Francesca Ter-Berg & Nick Malcolm
Yazz Ahmed's Alhaan Al Siduri @ The CBSO Centre, Birmingham
Andre Canniere new project @ The Vortex Jazz Club with John Turville, Tori Freestone, Dave Manington & Tim Giles
Geoff Eales album recording with Chris Laurence,Martin France & Noel Langley
Guildford Jazz with Marianne Windham, Gareth Williams & Martin Pyne.
Riff Trio @ Jazz Nursery with Dabe Manington & Rob Updegraff
Savil Club with Geoff Eales & Sandy Burnett
Duke of Hamilton with Will Bartlett & Gabriel Garrick
Jazznights with Roger Odell
e17 Large Ensemble

May to August:

London Jazz Orchestra, Vortex Jazz Club
Babelfish @ TheVortex Jazz Club
Bebop Club with Andy Hague,Nick Dover, Will Harris, Jim Blomfield & Steve Waterhouse
Jazz Cafe Posk, London
e17 Jazz Large Ensemble @ e17Jazz
Karamel Club with Stuart Hall, Paul Clarvis & Dave Manington- Brazilian music
e17 Large Ensemble @Walthamstow Garden Party
Loire Summer School, with Gareth Lokrane, Barry Green, Oli Hayhurst, Dave O'Higgins, Mike Gorman, Tristan Mailliot
Falmouth Yamaya Jazz Summer School, tutor recital, concert guest with Gwyllim Simcock
Edinburgh Fringe with Jon-Paul Muir

January to April:

Vortex Jazz Club with STuart Hall
with Frank Harrison in Oxford
With Tori Freestone & John Turville in Putney
The Old Bank Hotel with Tim Dawes & Tim Lapthorn, Oxford
Riff Raff @ The Oxford, featuring Ivo Neame,Dave Manington, Rob Updegraff, Tim Giles & special guest George Crowley
Riff Raff in Newcastle, featuring Ivo Neame,Dave Manington, Rob Updegraff, Tim Giles & special guest George Crowley
Solstice @ The Salisbury, featuring Tori Freestone, John Turville, Jez Franks, George Hart & Dave Manington
Babelfish Album Launch @ The Pizza Express Jazz Club, featuring Barry Green, Chris Laurence & Paul Clarvis
Riff @ e17Jazz, featuring Dave Manington & Rob Updegraff

In 2014

September to December:

Upstairs @ Ronnie Scotts with Renato D'Aiello Quartet, Soho, London
Solstice @ The Oxford (featuring Tori Freestone, Jez Franks, Dave Manington, John Turville & George Hart)
The Green Note with Tom Millar
CLJazz in Monmouth
Pete Billington Quintet @ The Bear Jazz Club, Luton
E17 Large Ensemble @ Barbican Free Stage, London Jazz Festival
Solstice @ e17Jazz, London Jazz Festival
EastPrawle Jazz Week-end
Solstice recording @ Curtis Schwartz Studio
Naomi Wright band @ Luna Lounge, London
London Jazz Orchestra play the music of Kenny Wheeler @ Vortex Jazz Club
E17 Large Ensemble @ e17Jazz, Walthamstow,London
The Bell in Aston with John Turville

May to August:

Dave Manington's Riff Raff Tour @ Dempsey's Cardiff, the Soundcellar in Poole & The Bebop Club in Bristol
Play Jazz Week-end in Bradford-on-Avon with Nikki Iles, Andy Hague, James Chadwick..
The Green Note with Tom Millar
E17Large Ensemble @ Kings Place, London
Solstice @ the End Shed in Bedford
With Naomi Wright @ The Luna Lounge
Riff Raff Tour @ E17Jazz London, Wellinborough, Sherbourne, Parjazz in Liverpool, Sheffield and Birmingham Jazz.
Guildhall Jazz Summer School
E17LargeEnsemble @ Walthamstow Garden Party
E17 Large Ensemble @ E17Jazz
Loire Summer School, France
Quod with Tim Dawes & Jonathan Gee, Oxford
Benefit for Kenny Wheeler with Reuben Fowler Big Band @ Epic, Stoke Newington, London
Falmouth-Yamaha Jazz Summer School, Cornwall, with Ed Jones, Andy Hague, Keith Michael, Riaan Vosloo, Jez Franks & Jonathan Taylor
The Woolpack with Frank Harrison

January to April:

With Renato D'Aiello Quartet @ Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London
Babelfish @ Union Chapel, Highbury & Islington, London
ClJazz @ Huntstile Organic Farm
With Tim Whitehead & John Turville @ Way Out West, Bull's Head, Barnes.
Guildhall Tutors' Concert with Steve Fishwick, Scott Stroman, John Turville, Dave Manington and Andrew Baine @ GSMD Jazz Fest
CLJazz @ Caer Llan, Monmouth
With Pete Billington Quintet @ Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead
The Music of Kenny Wheeler with Reuben Fowler Big Band @ The Forge
The Woolpack with Matt Robinson

In 2013

September to December:

The Archduke with Will Bartlett
Riff Raff @ the Con Cellar Bar
Lumen with Barry Green
Red Skies Trio, featuring Bobby Wellins @ Underground Theatre, Eastbourne
Southport Jazz Club with Alan Barnes & John Turville
Jazz @ The Hope & Anchor, organised by Anna Bernard
Friday Tonic @ the QEH, as part of the Britten Festival, featuring Steve Fishwicl, Ross Stanley & Paul Clarvis- Benjamin Britten & more!
Quod with Tim Dawes Trio, Oxford
Kaz Simmons album launch, Pizza Express Jazz Club, Soho.
The Blue Lamp with Barry Green, Aberdeen.
Solstice & E17jazz Large Ensemble @ the Vortex
Quod with Tim Dawes trio
The Archduke with Barry Green
CLjazz @ Caer Llan, Jazz week-end
Reuben Fowler Big Band @ the Southbank, as part of the London Jazz Festival
E17 Large Ensemble @ e17Jazz, part of LJFCLjazz @ Caer Llan, Jazz week-end
Red Skies Trio, featuring Bobby Wellins @ Chichester Jazz Club
Concert in the Cisterns of Istanbul with John Turville

May to August:

Babelfish @ the Albany, London, featuring Henry Lowther
Ajani's with Barry Green & Dave Manington
Anita Wardell's Songsuite Fest with Barry Green & Bobby Wellins
The Archduke with Barry Green, London
Impossible Ark Night @ the Vortex, with Stan Sulzmann, Ross Stanley, Rob Updegraff & Tim Giles
Riff Raff @ E17 Jazz
Babelfish @ The Vortex Jazz Club
Ignite Series @ the Albert Hall with Red Skies Trio featuring Bobby Wellins & John Turville
The Pheasantry with Anita Wardell, Barry Green & Steve Watts
Riff Raff @ Union Chapel
Solo voice & piano @ the Forge
Reuben Fowler album launch @ the Forge
The Archduke with Jim Mullen, Ben Hazelton and Rod Youngs
E17jazz Large Ensemble @ e17Jazz
Loire Summer School
Yamaha Jazz Summer School
Old Bank Hotel with Tim Dawes, Tim Lapthorn & George Moore
Upstairs @ Ronnie Scotts with Renato D'Aiello Quartet
GAM Jazz Summer School

January to April:

Dave Manington's Riff Raff @ Vortex jazz Club, London
Babelfish @ e17Jazz, London
Red Skies Trio @ Wiltshire Music Centre
Riff Raff @ The Amersham-Se Collective, London
Babelfish @ RWCMD- Masterclass & concert
CLJazz @ Huntstile Organic Farm- with Andy Hague and Andrew Barrett
Riff Raff @ The Salisbury, London
Red Skies Trio Album Launch @ Pizza Express Jazz Club, Dean Street, London
Jazz Cafe Guildford with Mariannne Windham trio, featuring Ross Stanley
Red Skies Trio @ Stratford Jazz
Riff Raff @ The Oxford, London
Laura Dudhee Singers' Jam at Olivers,London
CLJazz @ Caer Llan with Andy Hague
Riff Raff @ The Nursery, London
Upstairs @ Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club with Renato D'Aiello Quartet
The Tree in Cadmore End with John Pierce duo

In 2012

September to December:

Rick Simpson Album Launch @ Pizza Express Dean Street, London
Jazz in Lloyd Park with Josh Kemp, Andy Button & Riaan Vosloo
BBC Kent Radio Show with Barry Green, presented by Roger Day & Trudy Kerr
Rick Simpson's Wonder Women @ SE Collective
CLJazz @ Caer Llan with Andrew Barrett & Andy Hague
Jazz Day in Cambridge
Spice of Life with Tina May, Emily Dankworth & Barry Green trio, London Jazz Festival
Baltic with Will Bartlett
Babelfish UK Tour @ North Devon Jazz Club, Appledore, with special guest Jim Hart
Babelfish UK Tour @ the Drewe Arms, South Devon, with special guest Jim Hart
Babelfish UK Tour @ Dempsey's Jazz Club, Cardiff, with special guest Jim Hart
Babelfish UK Tour @ Soundcellar, Poole, with special guest Jim Hart
Babelfish UK Tour @ Birmingham Symphony Hall- Rush hour Series
Babelfish UK Tour @ Coljazz in Chatham, Lauderdale House London, Churchill College Cambridge
Upstairs @ Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club with Bruno Montrone trio
Babelfish UK Tour @ The Stables Milton Keynes, The Spring in Havant, Restormel Art in Cornwall
Babble Jazz, Stoke Newington, with Ross Stanley & Mick Hutton

May to August:

Baltic with Ross Stanley, London
606 Jazz Club with Barry Green, Mick Hutton & Gene Calderazzo
Reuben Fowler Final Recital @ 606 Jazz Club, London
Gee's with Tim Lapthorn & Tim Dawes, Oxford
Scott Stroman's International Voices @ Union Chapel
Babelfish Album Launch @ The Pizza Express Jazz Club
Solstice @ E17jazz
Dartington Summer School
The Talk House with Ross Stanley & Tim Dawes, near Oxford
LoireMusic Summer School
Upstairs @ Ronnie Scotts with Renato D'Aiello Quartet
Pizza Express Jazz Club with Bret Kean Quartet, featuring Ross Stanley, Andy Clendert & Enzo Zirilli
The Sun Inn, Chobham, with Simon Cook trio
UCF Yamaha Jazz Summer School
Highgate Jazz with Soul Festival with Ross Stanley
Solo set @ The Forge Arts Centre
Babelfish @ Fishguard Festival, Wales, + workshop
The Yellow House, Surrey Quays, with Ross Stanley

January to April:

Riff Raff @ E17Jazz
Jazz @ Hunstile Organic Farm
Cafe Jazz in Cardiff with students from the Welsh College Joe Webb and Huw V Williams
Jazz workshop in Cuba
The Old Red Cow with Barry Green & Chris Laurence
The City Pipe with the Matt Fisher Trio
The Cherry Tree with Roger O'Dell trio
Jazz at The Cannon
Guildhall Jazz Festival Staff Concert
Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club with Renato D'Aiello
Babelfish @ E17 Jazz
Babelfish at The Queen Elizabeth Hall
Babelfish at The North London Tavern
E17Jazz Large Ensemble @ E17Jazz
CLJAzz Jazz Workshop at Caer Llan
The Old Red Cow with John Turville
St Thomas' Hospital with Henry Lowther, Barry Green & Sam Lasserson
Guy's Hospital with Fulvio Sigurta, Barry Green & Sam Lasserson
The Hillside Jazz Night with Rick Simpson

In 2011

September to December:

The Old Red Cow with Ross Stanley & Steve Watts, London
The Spice of Life with The Barry Green Trio, a homage to Harry Waren, London
Gee'swith Tim Lapthorn and Tim Dawes, Oxford
Trudy Kerr Rebirth of The Cool Project at the Richmond & Twickenham Jazz Club
Dave Manington's Riff Raff at The North London Tavern
Dave Manington's Riff Raff album recording!
E17Jazz Large Ensemble, London Jazz Festival
Solstice at E17Jazz, London Jazz Festival, London
Dave Manington's Riff Raff at Olivers, London & Greenwich Jazz Festivals, London
Jumoke Fashola's Jazz Verse Juke Box, Ronnie Scotts, London Jazz Festival, Soho
Ronnie Scotts with Renato D'Aiello Quartet, Soho
City Pipe with Carlos Lopez-Real and Matt Fisher Trio, London
The Archduke with Ross Stanley, London
The Talk House with Tim Dawes, Tim Lapthorn & Tim Giles, near Oxford
The Green Man with Babel Fish, London
Jazz at The Cannon, with Resident rhythm section, near Milton Keynes
Jazz in Neil's Yard with Barry Green, Will Collier & Keith Michael, Covent Garden
Cathy Giles Book Launch, with Ross Stanley, Tom Mason & George Hart, Covent Garden
Lauderdale House, with Bret Kean Trio featuring Alec Dankworth & John Turville, London
Dave Manington's Riff Raff at The Gallery Lounge, London

May to August:

Gloucester summer school
Music For You Summer School
Loire Summer School
Dartington Summer School
Baltic with Barry Green
City Pipe with Henry Lowther & Matt Fisher trio
Riff-Raff at The Spice Of Life
Fundraising for KarmaDechen Choling Stuppa Project, with Ross Stanley
Guesting with Barry Green's Blue Note Band at The Oxford
606 Jazz Club with Barry Green, Oli Hayhurst & Tristan Maillot
Guesting at the Oxford with Rick Simpson's band
E17Jazz Large Ensemble
City Pipe with Robbie Robson & Matt Fisher trio
Spice of Life with Anita Wardell
Riff-Raff at Stratford-Upon-Avon Jazz Club
Brigitte Beraha Quartet at Saygun Art Centre, Izmir, Turkey
Riff Raff at The Oxford

January to April:

Guildhall Jazz Staff Concert
Mishka Adams Laro Nights @ The Vortex
Baltic with Ross Stanley
Guesting at the Spice of Life with Rick Simpson band
Roast with Phil Peskett & Dave Manington
City Pipe with Carlos Lopez-Real & Matt Fisher trio
Cafe de Paris for Comic Relief, led by Charles Hazlewood & featuring Martin France, Alec Dankworth, Graeme Blevins, Andy Panayi
City Pipe, original duo set with Ross Stanley

In 2010
September to December:

Babel Fish @ the Vortex Jazz Club
Babel Fish @ the Others
Riff Raff at The Royal Festival Hall 
Kenny Wheeler 2005 Suite with the London Jazz Orchestra at the Vortex 
Babel Fish at E17jazz 
Spice of Life with Ross Stanley trio and double bill with Sara Mitra
Roast with Phil Peskett & Dave Manington
ST Ives Jazz Club with Babel Fish
North Devon Jazz Club with Babel Fish
The Half Moon with Flight Brigade
Jazz Cafe Posk with Barry Green, Fulvio Sigurta & Paul Clarvis
E17jazz Large Ensemble
Flight Brigade at Sundowner Festival
The City Pipe with Ed Jones & Matt Fisher trio

May to August:

Flight Brigade at Greenbelt Festival
Riff-Raff @ The Vortex
Carlos-Lopez-Real & Brigitte Beraha duo in Glastonbury
606 Club with Barry Green, Mick Hutton and Tristan Maillot
Nardis Jazz Club Istanbul
Reading Real Ale & Jazz Festival
Montreux Jazz Festival Competition
The Spin, Oxford, with John Turville, Joe Auckland & Paul Clarvis
JC's Istanbul
Flight Brigade at the Alton Maltings
Spice of Life with the Barry Green trio
The Globe, Philosophy & Literature festival in Hay-on Wye, with John Turville
Black Mountain Jazz with Stefano Kalonaris

January to April:

The Archduke late set with Fulvio Sigurta, Barry Green & Oli Hayhurst
Guitar Cafe, Istanbul
60m2, Istanbul
Flight Brigade 229 Club
Havant Art Centre with Nikki Iles
Nardis Jazz Club, Istanbul
Guildhall School of Music Staff Concert
London Jazz Orchestra at the Vortex
Flight Brigade at the Half Moon, Putney
E17Jazz Large Ensemble
Solstice @ E17jazz
National Theatre Foyer with Fulvio Sigurta and Barry Green
Riff Raff at the Loop festival
Riff Raff at the Lower Ground Bar
Vortex Jazz Club with Babel Fish
The Others with Babel Fish
Sam's Brasserie with John Turville

In 2009

E17jazz @ The Plough, Babel Fish
Nardis Jazz Club, Istanbul, with Burak Bedikyan, Kagan Yildiz & Ferit Odman
The Loop Collective @ The Oxford, Babel Fish
National Theatre, Babel Fish
Ronnie Scott's, Dave Manington's Riff Raff
Resonance FM 104.4, radio broadcast (live performance & interview)
London Jazz Festival, E17jazz Large Ensemble
The Archduke, South Bank, with Barry Green, Dave Manington & Tim Giles
Roast, Borough Market, with Dave Manington duo
E17 Jazz Festival, Brigitte Beraha Trio
E17 jazz Festival, E17 jazz Large Ensemble, premiere of Liam Noble Suite
The Corn Exchange with Ed Jones/Damon Brown Quintet: Tribute to Miles
Broomhill Arts, North Devon, Brigitte Beraha Trio

August 2009

Woodend Barn, Scotland, Brigitte Beraha Trio
The Wynd Theatre, Scotland, Brigitte Beraha Trio
Hugo's, Jazz7, London, with Rick Simpson
Crest Vocal Jazz, France, Brigitte Beraha Trio
Ryan's Bar, Stoke Newington, with Will Collier/Brigitte Beraha project

May/June/July 2009

Spice of Life, London, with Barry Green Trio
Charlie Wrights International with BBT
Montreux Voice Jazz Competition semi finals
Kaukametsa Concert Hall, Finland, Lady Summertime semi-finals voice contest
Kaukametsa Concert Hall, Finland, Lady Summertime finals voice contest
The Crypt, London, with Alcyona Mick, Joe Auckland & Paul Clarvis
Rose & Crown with Dave Manington Quartet
The Others, Brigitte Beraha Group, double bill with Kaz Simmons
The Vortex, with Jon Irabagon Quartet
The Maltings, with Thomas Baines
William Morris Gallery, duo with John Turville
The Halo, London, with thomas Baines
The Hare, London, with Dave Manington Quartet
Half moon Putney, London, with Thomas Baines

January to April 2009

The Bedford, London, with Thomas Baines
Bull & Gate, London, with Thomas Baines
Cobden Club, London, with Thomas Baines
Vortex-Loop festival, with Dave Manington Quartet
St Vincent Centre, London, BBT.
Brunel University, London, with Pete Billington
Rose & Crown-e17jazz, Nonentity.

In 2008


Rose & Crown-E17jazz, with Carlos Lopez Real, Chris Montague, Will Collier & Jon Scott.
Rose & Crown-E17jazz, Brigitte Beraha Group, National Portrait Gallery, London, BBT.
Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, with John Turville trio- promoter's choice award.

UK tour October:

Birmingham Symphony Hall, Brigitte Beraha Quartet
Yardbird, Birmingham, BBT.
Vortex, London, BBT album launch
Freshwater Memo Hall, isle of Wight, BBT.
CLjazz at Bar 27, Bridgewater, BBT.
Canington Music, BBT.
St Ives Jazz Club, BBT.
Be-Bop club, Bristol, BBT
Teignmouth Jazz, Devon, BBT
Smollenski's on The Strand, London, with Carlos Lopez-real, Chris Laurence & Barry Green.
Zeffirelli's, lake District, BBT
Paisley Arts Centre, Scotland, BBT
Jazz Bar, Edinburgh, Scotland, BBT
Dempsey's jazz Club, cardiff, Wales, BBT
Black Mountain Jazz, Abergavenny, Wales, BBT
Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff, BBT
Lion Ballroom Art Centre, Leominster, BBT
Devizes Jazz Club, BBT


ICA, London, music to silent films, led by Alex Douglas.
Charlie Wrights International, london, BBT
Alimentum, Cambridge, Brigitte Beraha Quartet
Jazz Cafe Posk, Hammersmith, Brigitte Beraha Group
National Theatre, London, BBT.
Riverside Studios, Tete-a-Tete Opera Festival.
Manchester Jazz Festival, Brigitte Beraha Group
Charlie Wrights, London, Brigitte Beraha Group
Spice of Life, London, with Nia Lynn & The Barry Green Trio.


Victoria Pub, London, E17jazz live to silent film screening
National Theatre, London, with Ingrid Laubrock & Barry Green.
The Minories, London, BBT.
Isle of Wight Jazz Festival, BBT
The Plough-E17jazz, London, BBT.
Baltic, London, BBT.
National Theatre, London, with Ingrid Laubrock & Barry Green.
1001 Cafe, London, Pete Billington/Brigitte Beraha Quintet.
Bull's Head, London, Nonentity.
Pizza Express Dean Street, Ivo Neame album launch.
Oliver's, London, with Ivo Neame Trio.

In 2007


Cliff's Pavilion, Southend, Essex, BBT.
1001 Cafe, London, Pete Billington/Brigitte Beraha band.
Octave Jazz Bar- London Jazz Festival, Brigitte Beraha Group.
Spice of Life, London, with Barry Green trio.
Bull's Head, London, Pete Billington Quintet featuring Josephine Davies
Smollenski's on The Strand, London, BBT.
Charlie Wrights, London, with the Ivo Neame trio.
Music Village, Brussels, Belgium, semi finals of Brussels International competition.
Bull's Head, London, Nonentity
Octave Jazz Bar, London, with Tom Herbert & Barry Green.
The Oxford, London, Brigitte Beraha Group.

May/June 2007: UK tour

Guys Hospital, London, BBT
Jazz Bar, Edinburgh, BBT
Boardroom, Aberdeen, BBT
Lyth Art Centre, Scotland, BBT
Zeffirelli's, Ambleside, BBT
Cinnamon Club, Altrincham, BBT
Edge Art Centre, Much Wenlock, BBT
Dempsey's, Cardiff, BBT
St Ives jazz Club, Cornwall, BBT
The Prom, Bristol, BBT
Rose's Vineyard, BBT
Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, BBT
Freshwater Memo Hall, Isle of Wight,BBT
CLjazz @ Bar 27, Bridgewater, BBT
Canington Music, BBT
St Thomas Hospital, BBT
Vortex Jazz Club, London, Brigitte Beraha Group

June/April 2007
The Green Dragon, Croydon, with Mark Hanslip & Ivo Neame
Regent's Park, London, with Mark Hanslip, Chris Hill & John Turville.
The Hideaway, London, BBT.
Ealing Park Tavern, London, with Ife Tolentino and Ingrid Laubrock.
Vortex Jazz Club, Bvs for Kaz Simmons album launch.

March/April 2007

Cafe 1001, London, Nonentity
National Theatre, London, with Ingrid Laubrock & Barry Green
The Maynard, London, with Mark Hanslip, John Turville & Oli Hayhurst
The Maynard, London, with Ingrid laubrock, Ife Tolentino & Chris Wells.
The Railway Inn, Winchester, with John Turville.

December 2006

Spice of Life, Barry Green CD launch, with Ingrid Laubrock, Anita Wardell and Martin Speake.